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via Saltarelli 102Cesenatico (FC)


Tel: 0547 83098
Fax: 0547 83098
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The C.C.I.L.S.Social Association has been active since 1981 in the job placement of disadvantaged people. Furthermore, starting from October 2009, As a type A social cooperative we have started to take the first steps in the management of socio-health and educational services. Our two offices are in Cesenatico and Bellaria Igea Marina. We are born for and with disabled people, especially in the reference area; these represent our true added value. From the outset, we set ourselves the goal of overcoming the limitation concept of disability and replacing it with that of "working capacity".

Our Cooperative has as its fundamental mission the work and social integration of disabled people, through the full assessment of the human person and the enhancement of their limit as a distinctive wealth of the cooperative action.

The Association "Amici della CCILS" was founded precisely in this context with the intention of promoting and managing in collaboration with local public bodies the social inclusion of "disadvantaged" people through the following voluntary activities: managing cultural initiatives and events, in-depth study and information, spectacular and promotional, sporting, supportive, publishing and disseminating paper, audiovisual and electronic materials. In these years of activity the Association has participated in several events:

1. Christmas markets, selling the products produced by the children of the protected workshops;

2. fish festivals (in May and November each year) preparing and selling tasty fish dishes whose proceeds are donated in full to the Coop .;

3. organization of exhibitions of paintings and sculptures by the local artist Cortesi.

4. Participation in the "C'entro Anch'io" announcement of Coop Adriatica.


Latest update: 02/04/2020

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