• signore e signori CesenaticoLADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME...

    Dear guests, welcome to the city of Cesenatico, one of the Romagna Riviera’s true pearls. Prepare for an unforgettable stay in this seaside town that will certainly find a special place in your heart. Read more»

  • il borgo di mareTHE FISHING VILLAGE

    One of the reasons the atmosphere of Cesenatico is unique and inimitable is its rich history. Consider that the origins of today’s Cesenatico date back to 1314, when the port was built where the ancient Ad Novas had stood in Roman times. Read more»

  • un paese con animaA TOWN WITH A SOUL

    The port-canal is one of the most evocative areas in the town. It is the true symbol of Cesenatico, the emblem of this resort’s seafaring identity, which encompasses the heart and soul of the town. Read more»


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